new face

New Face

In continuous search of new faces for a personal portrait project, I am looking for intriguing people who agree to a portrait session. Sometimes we get far more than the original planned images. This is Leonard and he’s adorable and the camera thinks so too. Although new to being photographed, he adapted amazingly fast. It’s been a relaxed and fun shoot.

Thank you Leonard!

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Portraits – New Face

When test shooting a new face or a new model, I am always curious to explore many different camera angles, to see how to honor their beauty in the best light. Sometimes it requires to look past the face to capture something deeper. Sometimes it turns into a wonderful adventure – a poetic study of the face.

rosephotography portrait model testshooting
rosephotography portrait model testshooting
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model: Leonard N.

T-Shirt: goodmorningcologne

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