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“The soul can not think without a picture.”

– Aristotle

Photography is an opening to life. It’s like throwing a big party in a single captured moment for your subject. Whether it be people, nature, objects, photography is the world to me. It’s a way of embracing the wonders, the humanness, the beauty, and the awareness of life. Ultimately, its purpose is praising and exulting life. 

Being a photographer gives me new thrilling adventures and experiences and it’s so much fun. Most of all, it graces me with new eyes. I am thankful for this. As it turns out, I have a visual gene, like my grandfather Ferdinand had — a painter, photographer and fashion designer.

I’ve always taken pictures and my camera has been my companion for decades @ all my places I called home: Paris, New York and Los Angeles. Photography is an expression of awareness and devotion to life through a lens.


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